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These are not your run-of-the-mill crafty workshops, as at the heart of Upcycle Kernow is a zero-to-landfill policy.

“Usable waste” is intercepted on its route to landfill, and through each workshop, re-purpose, re-design and re-use it to create new, useable products of a higher emotional and often monetary value. Many of the facilitators are respected artists and upcyclers, with carpenters, and designers to help you bring your crazy, upcycled ideas to life.

Chainsaw Sculpting Workshop
Chainsaw Sculpting Workshop
Learning how to make garden furniture with your chainsaw, including full safety instruction, how to sharpen your chain saw and general maintenance. Watching a creative expert craft incredible pieces and take his knowledge home with you to inspire and create your own masterpieces
How to transform small furniture into something new, then take it home. A creative workshop where people can relax have fun, build confidence and learn new skills whilst making an upcycled masterpiece to treasure. We will be working with Cornwall scrap store and Upcycle Kernow to provide an enjoyable and informative workshop where whatever is created can be taken home free of charge.
Casting workshop
Casting workshop
Watch and learn how to use old pewter in a hot metal casting workshop. See how to make a silicone mould and pour molten pewter learning how to create your own design and how to finish fettling and polishing to produce a beautiful pewter keepsake.
Bottle Rockets
Bottle Rockets
Its not rocket science..or is it!! During the workshop learn about propulsion, fins, and nosecones through interactive demos that give a taste of scientific experimentation and real-world engineering, but most of all launch your rocket!!

Other workshops

Free workshops

Joining in is the name of the game, there are loads of ways to get stuck in so roll up your sleeves and join us in our free workshops there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Cardboard Bridge Building

Kids use your engineering skills to make a bridge you can walk over. Young people can help build a weight bearing bridge between two points, using construction skills to build a bridge that can be walked across, a great way to encourage budding engineers and to awaken interest.

Musical Instrument making

Make music with everyday items build your own DIY instrument using recycled materials and everyday items. You’ll be helped to build sound-making objects from your imagination or the objects may resemble guitars, drums etc. Once you’ve built your instrument you’ll be encouraged to play it and experiment! No musical skills necessary, all welcome.

Traditional Cornish Singing

Join in with all the old rousing Cornish songs, it doesn’t get better than this, all you need is you!

Music Making

Kids learn how to play an instrument, and its yours to keep. Young people can learn to play a musical instrument with basic instruction, working in a group to perfect a section of music, joining up with other groups of musicians during the day to put their acquired skills together to produce a fantastic musical finale on the main stage- the musical instruments they use will be theirs to keep and take home to continue building their talents.

Roaming Sketching

learning sketching on the move no prior knowledge is needed for this relaxed and friendly workshop, we provide all the materials and you will create a number of sketches , before leaving with a unique piece of art and souvenir you created yourself.


Learn to make a useful tool to keep forever, come and try your hand making a simple tool using traditional blacksmithing methods.

Costume Making

Kids, ever wanted to be a robot or a creeper? Make your own cardboard costume to keep, get stuck in design and make a cardboard costume, let your imagination take you somewhere amazing!

Wooden Armoury Making

Kids, make and decorate wooden shields and swords to take home This workshop is a great opportunity to learn and use some good woodworking skills. Forget those plastic junk toys which fall apart. The wooden sword and shield you will make will be awesome and tough,paint a coat of arms on your shield and take it home.